ANTIGRAVITY - an upside-down training!

Founded in 2007 by Christopher Harrison, this discipline melts Pilates, rhythmic gymnastic and dance.

Defined to entirely intertwine body & mind, it enhances your nimble while weightlessness suspended in a strong, silky hammock which cocoons your body and relieves pressure on your spine yet strengthening and toning through the consistent and ongoing massage of the lymph tissues, thus improving circulation.


Throughout the class, you learn how to feel your body in an unusual dimension while improving your balance, flexibility and mobility.

Antigravity is a brilliant way to strengthen your arms and tone and re-define your legs, booty and waist while de-stressing the mind as you gently sway above the ground.
Furthermore,getting upside-down makes you in competition with yourself, pushing you to face and overcome even your atavistic fears.
You’ll have a lot of fun while you'll progress and feel a complete sense of body-mind achievement.

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