Anukalana means integration and it is the most natural, harmonious and complete way to practice Yoga and Meditation.


It is an approach based on movement, fluidity on the breath rhythm that meet traditional Yoga practice throughout integration with elements of other disciplines from Taoism, dance and martial arts.  

Anakulana Yoga is a practice that opens body structure creating space between joint, favoring tension release in the connective tissue, it allows a more simply muscles elongation and the relaxation of organs, further to feel your mind lighter, free and creative.


The transition from one position to another it is a dance through a gradual increase of positions on the rhythm of the breath, it will drive you to a gentle sensation of integration between body and mind, so you can feell and enjoyable energy flow.

Anakulana develop itself with the objective to make the Yoga practice suitable for everyone, respecting its characteristics.


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