Elisa starts her athletic experience ever since she was little with
gymnastics, attending to several regional championship with a C.O.N.I.
affiliated association, the Aponense Ginnastica Cinque Cerchi.
She then continues on her path closer to ballet, studying for more
than 10 years in different schools in Abano Terme and Padova and
actively participating at significant numbers of stages.
At the age of 18, due to a severe injury, she is forced to leave
ballet. Once completed the intense rehabilitation program, she practices yoga for over a period of years and dives into Pilates from
Interested and curious about the way the body responds to motion, she
deepens further more this discipline, following a Mat Work Teacher
Training Course and therefore starts teaching.

In January 2014 she certifies with the leading Pilates education academy: B.A.S.I. Pilates (Body Arts and Science International)
successfully completing the C.C.T.T. (Comprehensive Teacher Training Course).

Since 2012 she has attended workshops and conferences leaded by international teachers, as the:


P.O.T. (Pilates on Tour) 2012 namely:
Are we wasting our time with the Pilates footwork with Alan Herdman
Pilates for osteoporosis with Ann McMillan
Pilates for men with Serafino d’Ambrosio


P.O.T. (Pilates on Tour) 2013 namely:
EXO Chair - Lo strumento migliore per riorganizzare squilibri sul
Torace! with Anna Maria Vitali
Naturale Pilates Matwork with Serafino d’Ambrosio
Una sola molla!!! with Troy McCarty
Mat Sequences for the Fascia with Elizabeth Larkam

Workshop with Deborah Lessen:
EFFECTIVE TEACHING: Organizing the Body to Move

On every possible occasion she deepens her background practicing oneto-one in Pilates studios abroad.
In March 2014 she certifies for Antigravity Gym Aerial Yoga
In April 2014 she gets the Official Certificate for
Elastic Taping®
In March 2015 Pilates Studio 76 becomes BASI HOST for the Education of Pilates instructors and the Studio supports its graduates during all the course and even after the certificate complexion, thus to create and maintain the professional standards on the cutting edge for every teacher to be and top-classes for the clients.

February 2016 Workshop: Creating the ultimate Pilates Session with Rael Isacowitz
June 2016 Training Course: Pilates for injuries and pathologies with BASI Faculty Samantha Wood
March 2017 Training Course: Pilathes for Athlets with BASI Faculti Sheri Long
March 2017 Training Course: Turning Back to Move Forward with BASI Faculti Sheri Long
March 2017 Training Course: Pilates for the Mature Client with BASI Faculti Sheri Long
April 2017 Training Course: Mat-scomporre per comprendere with BASI Faculty Ilaria Pulidori
April 2017 Training Course: Alla scoperta dei piccoli attrezzi with BASI Faculty Ilaria Pulidori

June 2018 Training Course: Mobility of lower back with Senior BASI Faculty Mario Alfonso


Born on the 6th of July 1989.
She begins since the age of 9 her athletic experience practicing ballet and modern dance at the Club Azzurro Danze School. She continues her steps closer to contemporary dance, funky and hip hop. She attends a MDA-Modern Dance Academy multi annual programme, submitting the academic tests till achieving the “Sixth Level”. Along her experience she she takes part in several regional competitions, training stages and study holidays with André De La Roche, Brian Bullard e Bill Goodson. She enters the A.N.D.A.(Associazione Natura Danza Ambiente) Ballet Company which she is involved with in many cultural shows in premiere and glamorous locations in Padova.
Over the years she starts combining the Pilates discipline with ballet, discovering the countless benefits.
In 2011 her ballet path comes to a stop for working issues, but she goes on practicing Pilates as a client. In February 2014, totally immersed in this discipline, she attends a Stott matwork Teacher Training Course in Milan, after which she starts teaching.

In October 2014, the meeting of BASI Faculty Ilaria Pulidori represents the keystone on her educational path and she gives a boost
to her knowledge attending the C.T.T.C. (Comprehensive Teacher Training Course) at laria’s Pilates in Tuscany in Prato.
In June 2015, the meeting with Elisa Marabese sets another cornerstone
In her career: she soon starts teaching both Mat and Equipement Pilates sessions according with the BASI method at the Pilates Studio 76 in Abano Terme.
In November 2015 in Prato, presenting a carefully reasoned argument (“Teck Neck: Pilates is the answer”) she succesfully obtain the BASI Pilates Teacher Certification.
She continuously attends Advanced Education Workshops with qualified teachers, thus upgrading and deepen her existing and consistent knowledge:
October 2015 Ilaria Pulidori (BASI Faculty): deepening the matwork analysing and decostructing the exercises;
February 2016 Rael Isacowiz (founder of BASI Pilates): Marathon mat and workshop “Ultimate Pilates Session”;
June 2016 Samantha Wood (BASI Faculty): workshop “Pilates for injuries and pathologies”;
Octobre 2016 Ilaria Pulidori (BASI Faculty): auditing at BASI Mat Program.
March 2017 Training Course:
Turning Back to Move Forward with Sheri Long
March 2017 Training Course: Pilates Matwork for the Mature Client with Sheri Long
April-September 2018: auditing at BASI Comprehensive Global format


Certified RYT 500 hours Yoga, after many years set as a dancer, Laurahas the need to find an all-in-one-practice melting body, mind and soul.She starts to deepen her yoga practice ever since, taking meditationand yoga classes, particularly Zazen and Vipassana, Yoga Nidra, Hata,Iyenger, Anusara, along with workshops, immersions, a therapy trainingyoga at the Anusara School and Acro Yoga Courses, seminars and pathswith solid foundations at the School of Oriental philosophy in Bologna.

Certified 200h Hata Yoga Teacher at the Yoga Planet in Bologna

Certified 300h Anukalana Yoga and Meditation Teacher at the SamadhiSchool in Florence

Certified 200h Anukalana Acro Yoga Teacher at the Samadhi School in Florence

First and second Reiki degree achieved, at the Komyo Reiki Kai Italia